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Neighborhood Watch
Winston Knolls is exceedingly fortunate to have a vibrant Neighborhood Watch (NW) program that patrols our neighborhood throughout the year. More than 100 volunteers every year help with this effort.  Volunteers spend one evening a year (some do more!) offering their service and the payoff is tremendous.  Beyond creating a presence in the neighborhood that discourages serious crime, the NW patrols also call homeowners whose garage doors are open well past dark, and keeps an eye on homes they know to be vacant.  You can read the quarterly NW report in the copies of the Knolls News on this site.

If you are willing to spend one evening a year helping out in this important effort, please contact the NW Coordinator,

2011 Changes

TWO PERSON TEAMS:  Driver and "communicator," that is the “shotgun” for patrol.  We have phased out the "at home base station" and moving into vehicle.
ON-LINE Sign-Up:  
Using the "free" services of the Volunteer Spot web site, you can sit at your computer with your calendar or planner and look at  monthly a calender on the screen.   Click on a date, click on position(s), your wish to serve, and then close out.  Just visit the "NW Schedule" page to the left to access.
Contact the Watch Coordinator at

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