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Latest Committee Reports and Standing Reports can be accessed via the [Commitee Rpts] button in the left column.

2017 WKCA Board:

President: Tom Blume

Vice President: Jef Jins

Treasures: Ed linz

Secretary: Jennifer Williams


2017 WKCA Committee Chairs:

Membership/Directory -  Tom Blume, Kathy Sherman, Sue Ehlers

Social - Stacey Ivie

Education - Ed Linz

Biennial Directory and Member Data Base - Kathy Sherman

Web Site Chairman - Micah MacDonald
Home Improvement - Christel schaefers

Neighborhood Watch - Keli Jacewitz 

Newsletter -Tom Blume

Grounds Maintenance – Fred Blum

Sign Area Beautification - Terri & Alan Perry

Welcome Wagon - Sue Ehlers

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